Roberts Contrax Vic is a distributor of Home Bush Fire Protection Products.

The majority of houses destroyed in bush fires actually survive the passage of the fire front, only to burn down during the next few hours due to the fire spreading from ignitions caused by wind–borne burning debris. Whilst direct flame contact and radiant heat also play a part in the ignition and destruction of buildings, these mechanisms are generally only significant during the few minutes it takes for the fire front to pass. Showers of burning debris, on the other hand, may attack a building for some time before the fire front arrives, during the passage of the fire front and for several hours after the fire front has passed. This long duration of attack, to a large extent, explains why burning debris is a major cause of ignition of buildings.

Extract – CSIRO – Buildings Innovation & Construction Technology / Number 11 Feb 2000

Passive Fire Protection Systems Melbourne Australia - Roberts Contrax Passive Fire Protection Systems Melbourne Australia - Roberts Contrax

A small example of some of the products that are available are:


In many bushfires, houses are burnt both inside and out. This is caused by radiant heat transferring through windows, glass doors etc and igniting curtains etc. In some cases, the glass can even be broken and burning debris enters the house and ignites the contents.

Pyroguard SRF is a water-based solution for the treatment of fibers. It is very easily applied and is a cost effective way of protecting your home.




To further protect your home, decking and timber furnishing outside your home can be treated to retard against fire. Many decking stains and sealers are highly flammable and only add fuel to a fire.

Formseal FR is a translucent water based fire retardant sealer for application to timber and canvas and can be used internally and externally. Once Formseal is dry it is impervious to water, dirt and grime. It will not discolour timber during or after application and is environmentally safe. It is very easily applied and a cost effective way of protecting your home.


Supalux is a strong, lightweight non-combustible building board for use in many fire resisting and general purpose building applications. It has been test to AS 1530.1 to show that it will not combust under fire loads.


Supalux is a non-combustible board designed for use in providing fire protection in gas installations requiring a non-combustible board. Approved for use in accordance with Australian Gas Codes (AS 5601 and AG 601).

  • Splash backs for behind gas commercial cooking appliances
  • Also for behind wood and gas heaters e.g. Coonaras.
  • Heat insulation for the internal surfaces of gas heating elements.

Other Applications

  • Insulated or non-insulated fire rated ceiling up to 120 mins.
  • Fire rated eaves linings
  • Partitions (non-load-bearing), up to 120 mins with timber studs and 240 mins with steel studs.


  • Easily cut and shaped with timber tools
  • Non-combustible
  • May be finished or decorated in normal building methods
  • Moisture and chemically resistant
  • Withstands continuous temperatures up to 250°C

Supalux is resistant to attack by insects or vermin and will not nourish mould growth but should be sealed when used in areas where boards are liable to absorb matter that will support mould.